Persistent live Lubuntu in some newer computers with secure boot


This question at AskUbuntu

made me aware that it can be difficult to make persistent live Lubuntu work with secure boot in some newer computers.

To summarize: USB drives made by mkusb-plug work also where mkusb-dus (dus-persistent and/or dus-iso2usb) fails.

The method of mkusb-plug is ‘semi-cloning’, a slight modification using sed instead of pure cloning. This does not alter the boot structure in any way that is checked by secure boot. So if a USB boot drive cloned from the Lubuntu iso file works, a persistent live drive by mkusb-plug works too.


mkusb-dus still makes good persistent live drives, that are bootable in new computers, when secure boot is turned off, and also in many older computers with and without secure boot turned on and even when booting in BIOS mode (alias CSM alias legacy mode) and using the old MSDOS partition table.


dus-iso2usb improved for new computers

In ‘mkusb’ version 23.1.6, ‘mkusb-plug’ (version 2.8.7) works in new computers (for example Dell Latitude 3520).

In ‘mkusb’ version 23.2.0, after upgrading the grub boot structure of ‘dus-iso2usb’ (from grub 2.0.6 to grub 2.12-rc1) it works in UEFI mode with secure boot in new computers too (tested in Dell Latitude 3520).

Memtest86+ v6.20’ is also added to the grub menu, and it can run in UEFI mode (but not with secure boot).


When you have time for some testing of ‘mkusb 23.2.0’, please

  • use ‘dus-iso2usb’ to make a persistent live system with Lubuntu 23.10 in a USB drive. You can use it via ‘mkusb-dus’ with a GUI or directly as a text mode shellscript.

  • boot your newest computer and

    • test the ‘persistent live Lubuntu’ in UEFI mode with and without secure boot
    • test ‘memtest’ in UEFI mode without secure boot

I have only tested it in one single computer that is new enough to need the upgraded grub version to boot with secure boot, so your help will be valuable in order to verify that things work ‘generally’ or at least in many new computers.


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