PCManFM-Qt window doesn't resize enough

PCManFM-Qt - v 1.2.1
When I drag a bunch of big files from one drive to another drive, the Copy Files window can be resized a bit but the file list window is limited in how far vertically it can be sized.

I don’t know if that’d be a limitation with PCManFM-QT or the window manager.

Might not be a Lubuntu specific thing, unfortunately. Doesn’t sound like it anyway but someone can correct me on that.

not really sure it could be called a limitation as its not a main PCManFM-Qt “issue”, but literally just the copy window that pops up briefly when doing a paste job etc…same as on lxqt 1.3. Still gives more information than the brief window that pops up with the likes of nemo etc.

It is not brief if there are many large files and the filesystem is a network share.

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