PCmanfm-qt sort by size is not correct

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with LXQT session (Lubuntu).
I am using PCManFm-qt.
When I sort by size, It’s just correct in context of group type data. Not exact size of the file.

For example, this is the collumn after I sorted.

I can not find the way to sort probably and need help.
Thank you.

Without seeing all fields, it’s hard to see what you describe.

It looks correct to me except a blank entry (I achieved that with play on my system when the folders weren’t grouped together (top or bottom), and the blank space represents a folder which makes sense to me) and the final 2.8GB. Is it the 2.8 GB that you’re asking about?

We have no idea what that line represents, which limits our capacity to understand what is happening and why it happens. What type of file is it?, what do you get when you ask the system (ie. using file)

Note: My exploration wasn’t on focal but impish; where I was unable to re-create what you describe except for the space in the listing. If I had details of what type(s) of files you were displaying & couldn’t re-create it on my impish system, I’d have tried a focal one, but I have no idea what types of files you’re using as you only show the size column

Sorry for the inconvenient.
This is the full pic. And yes, you reminded me here, there is only one “wrong” file sorted - the 2.8Gb one.

On a focal box, looking at the same directory I was earlier (on impish when I assumed 2.8GB meant an ISO) I now see what you mean.

I can tell you the issue that concerns you won’t occur when you release-upgrade, however that doesn’t help you now.

If you use another file-manager (eg. I tried dolphin as it’s Qt5 based as well (alas it needs KF5 so it won’t be as light) the issue does not exist (at least not that I noticed).

This isn’t really a solution, but maybe a work around. :expressionless:

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I think, that is fixed with libfm-qt from 0.15 onwards.

See upstream bug.

Maybe I can try to SRU it for 20.04.


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