PCManFM file Column Settings in 18.04 LTS

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Operating via PCmanFM with files and folders, I see I have four file/folder features; name, description, size and modified date.
Any way to add more, such as for example creation date, author?etc…you know
Thanks in advance

You can get owner and group details.
Just right click on any column name (e.g. on type column) you can see a list with visible columns available. you can mark the ones you want to see.

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Yes, that worked! tHanks!
I followed the speps you described.
Anyway I think to test more file browsers, because I use to work everyday coping and moveing thousand of files, folders and I need important columns like for example creation date (the available is modified), but I do not know if this feature refers the file browser or the Lubuntu 18.04 features

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but changes you make in how you see things in pcmanfm will generally not impact other file managers like thunar (XFCE’s equivalent), just pcmanfm (LXDE’s file manager).

Yes you can use other file manager’s (personally I’d suggest trying thunar first) however do note, they may pull in extra libraries required to make them work (eg. libs used by XFCE in this example) that will need to be in memory during use.

Depending on how much RAM your machine has, you may or may not notice this. If you have 4gb of ram or more you needn’t worry in my opinion.

That’s right!
So…I will try thunar, (despite I’m a PCmanfm fan :grin:)
I hope the 6gb of ram are enought to run it without overcharge

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