Panel Icons installed using Desktop Icons vs. Application Menu

When adding shortcut program icons to the Panel (bottom of the screen), I’ve until now used drag 'n drop from the desktop.
Also drag’n drop from the Applications Menu.

Both work perfectly. :slight_smile:

But there’s a side effect:
The Panel icon disappears if it’s been dragged from the desktop, and I delete the desktop icon.
However, if the Panel icon has been dragged from the Application Menu, it stays even when the desktop icon is deleted.

I see it as a feature and am not displeased with it. But it’s undocumented.

Comparing the .desktop files in both scenarios, they’re the same. Meaning the Panel has another configuration file somewhere.

Can someone point me to it?

That apart, this Panel behaviour ought to be added to the documentation.



That apart, this Panel behaviour ought to be added to the documentation.

I bet that you could add it to the documentation yourself, if you tried hard enough¹ to figure out how.

This isn’t meant as a slight, but more as an invitation. I’ve been testing the daily Hirsute builds and having a great time with the great people involved. I’ve learned a lot and had a pretty great time volunteering.

Give it a shot. You might find you like it.

¹ It may take a bit before they just let you make public edits to the official documentation, but you could probably write it up and submit it as a draft.

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Erm… somehow my question drowned, I think. Or?

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I’m having trouble reproducing this. Any chance of a video?

I’m not sure how to make a video. But I can supply a couple (or more) screenshots.
The first shows my original desktop, I have Opera there plus Opera in the panel;
the Opera icon on the desktop has been dragged from the Application Menu and enabled. This icon has then been dragged to the Panel:

Deleting the Opera icon from the desktop and then logging out and in, the Opera icon has also disappeared from the panel:

Hmmm. I need some help here. The .jpeg files don’t show.

Ok I think I get it now.

When you move from the menu to the desktop you’ll notice a context menu comes up asking you if you want to copy. That’s exactly what it does. It copies the Desktop Entry from /usr/share/applications to $HOME/Desktop. Look in the file manager and you’ll see for yourself.

If you DND from that entry to the quicklaunch menu, that particular icon is pointing at the Desktop Entry on $HOME/Desktop. If you look at $HOME/.config/lxqt/panel.conf you’ll see that reflected.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t do it immediately but apparently the panel does some sort of checking when it closes or when it starts to see if quicklaunch items still point to valid resources and deletes them if they don’t.

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HA! @wxl you nailed it! Brilliant.
What happens is:

When you DnD from the Applications Menu to the Panel, the entry will be stored in the file:




But if you DnD from the Desktop to the Panel, it will be stored as:


And If the link to the user’s Desktop entry disappears (by deleting the desktop icon), the Panel entry is also dead.


Thank You.

EDIT: I see this as a feature, not as a bug.


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