Offline version of the Lubuntu Manual

Is there a version of the Lubuntu Manual to be used off-line (without internet connection)?

  • If yes, please describe how to download and/or install it.

  • If no, please consider making such a version. - Manual as PDF

This question may have been prompted by a end-user request -


I can’t find any pdf file ready to be downloaded. Is the link pointing to a project that is running (but not yet finished)? Or did I not understand what is written?

An alternative would be to make a tarball that when expanded will install the set of html pages so that they work locally just like the internet version. Anyway, I’m thinking of a version to be installed and used by a regular user (without developer ambitions or skills).

Edit: @guiverc, I see from your comment at AskUbuntu that there is probably not any pdf file yet. Do you know or can you find out who has a set of local html files (plus configuration files)? In that case, a tarball of that can be useful locally (not too difficult to set up). A deb file would be even better, but more complicated to create and publish. So if I get such a tarball, I might make it useful and/or show how to make it useful.

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Sorry, I have vague recollections of discussions on IRC etc about putting a copy on our ISO, but currently I recall nothing that is of any help. I’ve also got other priorities currently, so haven’t tried to explore this any (in hopes it may bring back some memories), but maybe others who’ll read this may recall more, or when I have time I can look myself (may not be for a few days at least).


The goal of this task was to fully automate the creation of the manual as pdf file with Docker and Jenkins. I guess, the Jenkins instance at isn’t running anymore.

It is still possible to create a PDF file, following (more or less) the steps:

mkdir lubuntu
cd lubuntu
sudo apt update
sudo apt install --no-install-recommends python3-pip python3-sphinx latexmk texlive texlive-formats-extra build-essential python3-sphinx-rtd-theme python3-sphinx-bootstrap-theme
git clone '' # not sure if this is the current git repository
cd manual
make latexpdf

The created pdf can be found in the “build/latex” directory.

I did it this morning on a 23.04 vm but I am not allowed to upload pdf files in this forum.


Thanks @apt-ghetto & apologies @sudodus for misunderstanding the purpose of the task I quoted.


Thanks @apt-ghetto,

Your recipe works for me (in Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS).

Now I am looking forward to someone with upload privileges to publish an off-line version of the Lubuntu manual :slight_smile:


@sudodus has uploaded a copy of the Lubuntu 22.10 Manual so anyone who wants it, can view it off-line.

Currently we only have the 22.10 manual available there.

Nio/@sudodus’s docs can be seen at

The uploaded manual for 22.10 is stored as

When we have other copies available (especially 23.04 & 22.04) I’ll likely create a page on our documentation section on this site.


@apt-ghetto or others… I may need some more help/direction.

In attempting to create PDFs of other versions (I’m wanting 22.04/lts & 23.04/stable) I’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

I hoped a simple git branch prior to make latexpdf would resolve that, alas nope.

guiverc@d7050-next:/de2900/lubuntu/manual/22.04/manual$   git branch --remotes
  origin/HEAD -> origin/master
guiverc@d7050-next:/de2900/lubuntu/manual/22.04/manual$   git branch lts
guiverc@d7050-next:/de2900/lubuntu/manual/22.04/manual$   make latexpdf
sphinx-build -b latex -d build/doctrees   source build/latex
Running Sphinx v5.3.0

resulted in another 22.10 manual being produced…

I also tried git branch origin/lts but no change.

Can someone provide the missing clue needed so I/we can have a 22.04/LTS manual as well as the current 22.10 available for download?

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With git branch lts you have created a new local branch based on the tip of the last active branch (in your case it is based on the master branch). You should change back to the master branch and delete the local “lts” branch: git switch master && git branch -d lts.

I am showing input and output of the commands.

To see the local branches:

git branch
* master

To see local and remote branches:

git branch --all
* master
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

To change to an existing remote branch (by creating a new local branch based on the remote branch):

git switch lts
branch 'lts' set up to track 'origin/lts'.
Switched to a new branch 'lts'

Executing the following will unfortunately result in an error:

make clean  # Delete the previously created version to avoid problems
rm -rf build/*

make latexpdf
sphinx-build -b latex -d build/doctrees   source build/latex
Running Sphinx v5.3.0

Configuration error:
There is a syntax error in your configuration file: invalid syntax (, line 36)

make: *** [Makefile:153: latexpdf] Error 2

Because of a wrong attempt to fix a merge conflict in the upstream source. But it is easy to fix. Open the file source/ and look for

# General information about the project.
project = u'Lubuntu Manual'
<<<<<<< HEAD
copyright = u'2016-2020, Lubuntu Team. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License'
copyright = u'2016-2022, Lubuntu Team. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License'
>>>>>>> stable
author = u'Lubuntu Team'

Then change the lines to

# General information about the project.
project = u'Lubuntu Manual'
copyright = u'2016-2022, Lubuntu Team. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License'
author = u'Lubuntu Team'

All you need to do is deleting the “wrong” lines. Then you are good to run make latexpdf again.

But your local “lts” branch is now in an unclean state (check with git status) and you cannot switch to another branch. And here there are several ways to go:

  • The best way: A developer fixes the problem (it is easy to fix, you just need to create a commit and upload the commit)
  • For all others: Restore the previous (the wrong) state: git restore source/
    This means you have to fix the problem locally again and again.

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