"NTP Not Supported"

I recently got sent to another timezone on business and brought my Dell XPS 13 running Lubuntu 20.04 with me. I noticed that the time zone didn’t auto update, so I opened the Date and Time app and checked the “Enable Network Time Synchronization” box, only to have a pop up display which read “NTP not supported.” I’m not sure what the issue is, anyone else ever run into this?

Is it possible you’re under a firewall, either a self-imposed one or one on the network you’re on? If so, some folks have a tendency to block the normal NTP ports due to security concerns.


Whoops, thought I had replied to this. Yes, I enable ufw on all my Linux laptops. Any idea how to open those ports back up, or enable ones which are open?

No luck, I’m afraid. Neither sudo ufw allow ntp nor manually adding 123 and 53 as specified in the link allowed me to select NTP from the Date/Time application.

If you turn it off, does it help? If still not, then it may be a firewall on the network you’re on. Check with the network admin.

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