Not being possible enter text in Facebook


Here happening an strange behavior when using Firefox based browser (Waterfox and Seamonkey).
Is possible logging in Facebook and see account , but when trying select “send message” is opened an window to enter message even typing any message not text is entered in window message.
Not problems with my Facebook account.
Have another similar issue when trying use FCITX “toggle virtual keyboard”. Is opened the virtual keyboard, but even clicking in each key not enter the symbol in any software.
Is how if both Waterfox and FCITX is trying use an internal command or resource to enter text, but is blocked for any OS internal security options.

Thanks for reading.
Have an nice week.

Given that it is limited to specific text fields and you use unusual browsers - likely it is website or browser bug.

I see no reason to expect OS internal security options as reason for that.

Have you tried using latest Firefox?

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In moment is as an browser internal librarie is being blocked.
I will try Firefox installed by deb file.

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