Not able to write on NTFS Partitions on Lubuntu


I am new on LINUX, and it’s my first interaction with Lubuntu OS.

I am not able to write on the NTFS partitions. Currently I am using Lubuntu 20.04 version.

Thanks for the help

Writing to NTFS partitions should be possible. It does require the ntfs-3g package, but that is installed by default.

Are you sure the NTFS partition is mounted?

Also ensure the NTFS partition is in a safe/complete/closed state.

If it’s in-use (eg. if it’s used by a windows system with fast-boot enabled, or hibernated system where parts of the file-system are written to fast-boot/hibernate (instead of correct locations usable by other OSes), Lubuntu will detect this and prevent corruption by allowing RO use only.

I do the mount myself at terminal to view any messages (without having to hunt for them in logs).

Yes, NTFS partition is mounted,

Actually, previously I was using Win 10 on my laptop hv 4 partitions.

for linux, deleted the C drive and Lubuntu is installed on tht.

Now, other drives re showing but not able to change or write anything on the NTFS partitions

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