Noble Numbat (24.04) Release Status Tracking

Bugs to fix

  • too late now!

Waiting to migrate

  • too late now!

Known issues

  • Calamares installer lacks a way to install proprietary drivers: Bug #1825286
  • lubuntu/xubuntu reinstall (& install) on dual boot system, grub does appear & offer OS choice: Bug #2060624 (this might be the same as 2063354)
  • changing monitor configuration & on next login, only one monitor is fully usable to LXQt: Bug #2013074
  • Calamares automatically creates swapfile with manual partitioning without any warning: Bug #2062060
  • missing option to erase and use the whole drive: Bug #2059907
  • Keyboard layout is ignored: Bug #2047295
  • Calamares fails to install on logical volume on several conditions when using Manual Partitioning: Bug #2061123

See also

Main tracker for Ubuntu: