New to Lubunto - problems with installation

I’ve just installed Lubunto 19.04.
I have no network connections visible.
I have ran sudo apt install net-tools
I get an error resolving but… I’m not connected to any network… so I won’t be able to see this???
I have run sudo lshw -class network
I can see that there is a Wireless interface visible. logical name wlp2s0b1
Any ideas of how I can enable that locally… without having internet connectivity ?
I don’t have an ethernet cable.
Thanks for any help.

Have you tried to connect to your wifi?

Have a look at the manual -

I’m not good with wifi (I rarely use it), but I use the nm-tray icon to edit connections, add my connection the first time I use it (for that box/device), and to re-connect on subsequent sessions/uses when I want to re-connect.

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If that doesn’t work, knowing the PCI id and drivers available/being used on the wifi card would be helpful. See lspci -nnk.

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