New software needs testing

For 19.10, there’s two pieces of software that we’re considering getting in:

  1. sddm-config-editor, a GUI for the display manager configuration
  2. a more updated, featureful fork of our compositor, compton

We’ve put together some versions to test and could really use your help and as soon as possible because 19.10 is set to be released relatively soon! To be clear, these should be tested in a 19.10 environment. It’s
ok if you run it in the live environment, so you don’t have to overwrite your existing install. You can find images to download here.

For sddm-config-editor, all of the packaging has not been prepared yet. It’s going to take a lot more work. Before jumping on that, we’d really like to see people test it out and make sure it works well. The process:
change some configuration options and make sure they work. Make sure they persist across reboots. If you see any bugs, let us know. You’re welcome to post on the task in our Phabricator we’re using to track
this. To test, simply download this binary, make it executable (e.g. chmod +x sddm-config-editor) and run it (e.g. ./sddm-config-editor). Testing in a virtual machine should suffice.

For compton, being an X11 compositor, it’s mucking around with graphics. That means it is essential that we test this in a broad range of graphics hardware. That means no virtual machines, but bare metal. Virtual machines aren’t a terrible idea to check for some basic stuff, but if there are hardware specific problems, they won’t show up there. You can run this through Accessories » compton and you can change settings with Preferences » LXQt Settings » Window Effects. Unfortunately it is a known issue that compton-conf doesn’t restart compton when you apply the changes, so you will have to do this manually with the likes of killall compton && compton. To get the new version, add my testing PPA with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wxl/testy-testy && sudo apt update and then install with sudo apt install compton. You can comment on the task with your findings. Make sure to remove the PPA and downgrade compton when you’re done.

Thanks in advance for the help!


So if I run the live-19.10 I am not getting the new compton unless I add your testing repository?

That is correct. If the testing goes well, I’ll put it in 19.10. It’s only built for 19.10, though.