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Quisiera ayuda en el sentido que no ha Sido posible instalar Mono Develop en Lubuntu 18.10, en vista que .Net Core no se instala. El paquete Dotnet no es posible su instalación, no sé si tiene algún problema con la distro i su versión. Somebody can help me…

Sorry for the English. My Spanish is good enough that I can read it, but not so good to be conversational, especially in technical matters.

So I have not tried to install .NET Core, but just looking at Microsoft’s instructions, it’s clear that they do not support 18.10 (or any non-LTS version), except maybe in version 3.0, which is a preview release.

I also see that libicu is a requirement but the version in 18.10, 63, is greater than any versions Core has ever used. Not sure that is a problem but I’d be shocked if it was not. You’d probably have to do some ridiculous trickery like symlinking 60 to 63 to get that to work. Or build and install 60 yourself.

That said, I think it’s fair to remember that despite the fact that Microsoft wants to be friendly to Linux, ultimately they’re bound to overlook things because they can. Glaring problems like this aren’t as in their face as they are for actual Linux users.

With that in mind, why not go for an implementation of .NET that is actually developed for and on Linux? Surely you’ve heard of Mono developed by Miguel de Icaza, founder of GNOME (and TIL creator of the almighty Midnight Commander!)? If it’s good enough for Unity (game engine) and The Sims 3, it should work for you. It’s sponsored by Microsoft and is part of the .NET Foundation.

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Justamente Walter estoy tratando de instalar Net Core para poner a funcionar MonoDevelop, pero el programa se instala pero no sé visualiza la parte de de diseño, sola la parte del código.

That’s a little beyond my level of experience and is really a question to ask of Mono/.NET folks. It’s not really specific to Lubuntu, though it might be specific to all Ubuntu flavors or Linux as a whole.

Hola gones, entiendo que tu idioma de preferencia es español. Como dice wxl, pregunta mejor en Ubuntu, probablemente ellso te puedan guir mejor. De igual manjera te invito a unirte a la comunidad lubuntu en español IRC y/o telegram quizá alguien ahí también te pueda ayudar.

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¿que error te da al instalar? puedes dar mas detalles?

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