Muon pakket for BOINC

Muon refers to to the latest ‘test’ release 7.16.6 instead of the approved release 7.4.22.
This latest release has a banale error which restricts use of BOINC.

That’s not a Muon problem, or even a Lubuntu problem. It’s what’s in the Ubuntu and Debian repositories. In fact, looking at the changelog, it’s been this way for over a year now. You could perhaps talk to the packagers in Debian, but I think this would be fruitless because I think you may be mistaken that this not the appropriate release.

Though the BOINC download page recommends 7.4 for Linux, it also has a note in fine print:

These versions may not be current. We recommend that instead you install BOINC using a package manager, run it using Docker, or use a bootable ISO image.

So their recommendation is essentially to ignore their download recommendations on that page and install it by other means, the first of which is using a package manager, which Muon is.

That said, a bug may exist, as bugs often do. If that hasn’t been fixed in upstream BOINC, you should file an issue on their GitHub to fix it. If it is fixed upstream, you can file a bug in Launchpad (example: ubuntu-bug boinc-client) and reference where it is fixed in GitHub and packagers should quickly pick up on it.

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