Muon (Check for Updates) - This operation cannot continue since proper authentication was not provided

When I try to do “Check for Updates” on Muon Package Manager I get an Authentication error. I can do a “Full Upgrade” and even get the authentication prompt when configuring “Sources”. However, no matter what I do I cannot just do a basic “Check for Updates”. I get no prompt and an rather an authentication error. On the web folks are saying it’s a kde-polkit issue? That QT and Lubuntu shares it or something?

Here is an image of the error: image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Oh forgot to mention in body. The error I get is " This operation cannot continue since proper authentication was not provided."

When you open the LXQt session settings from terminal

LANG=C lxqt-config-session

is the “PolicyKit Handler” in the state of “Running”?

And what shows

LANG=C apt policy lxqt-policykit


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It shows as running.

Here is an image of it: image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

LANG=C apt policy lxqt-policykit

Installed: 0.17.0-0ubuntu1
Candidate: 0.17.0-0ubuntu1
Version table:
*** 0.17.0-0ubuntu1 500
500 Index of /ubuntu jammy/universe amd64 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

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Yes, this is the expected output. Unfortunately more digging is needed.

One cause could be, that there is already a apt/apt-get/dpkg process running, which is blocking (for good reasons) other processes. Therefore I suggest that you wait 1 hour and then retry to “Check for updates”.

If not, then we should dig in the logs (some commands require the key ‘q’ to exit). First reproduce the error, note the time and then check the logs:

systemctl status polkit.service
journalctl -b -u dbus
journalctl -b -p err
journalctl -b -p warning

I am giving some commands to get you started. Maybe there is an obvious error logged?


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