Missing mediatek 7921e wifi driver

I downloaded the Sep 10 one and it doesn’t have mediatek drivers in the kernel for my mt7921 wifi.
They should be in-kernel by now.

There isn’t anything Lubuntu can do about this; the kernel is part of the Ubuntu base system.

You can report the issue to Ubuntu, using ubuntu-bug linux (see ReportingBugs - Community Help Wiki for details) if it hasn’t been reported before (I didn’t look).

Personally; I’d likely grab the Ubuntu Desktop ISO & confirm the issue there too (I’d expect the same problem; if you don’t have an issue there though - it’ll relate to our ISO & thus likely seed issue we need to fix! though i doubt that), then report using the Ubuntu Desktop ISO first, then add details of it also occurring in Lubuntu (ie. or other flavor as additional comment) on the same report, logging it in the ISO tracker allowing it to be tracked easiest.

Note: I didn’t do any research or search launchpad for existing reports/explanations.

Well that was interesting.
It worked fine in ubuntu kinetic for Sep 11 so I downloaded lubuntu kinetic for Sep 11 and it also works fine.
Faster link speed too. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The firefox snap seems faster to launch too.

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