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Dear Sirs,

I am looking for some way how to remove from Lubuntu everything which is not essential for running it - say only desktop and basing network support (connect to WIFI or DHCP), installer “sudo apt.”. It means no screensavers, no power management, no gvfs, no snap.

Why do I need it?
I want to have just a bare system with desktop for a technical computer - say organ GrandOrgue - without any disruption from powermanager and screensavers, but I cannot find it among Ubuntu distros/flavors.

Thanks for you advices. :slight_smile:

Your best response is likely found in

Be aware the screensaver is how you lock your session (and keep a logged in session paused); so you’ll need to logout to lock the session if it’s removed.

This is a Lubuntu site; so I’m not going to step outside of the Ubuntu family in recommendations (except where I need to because we don’t support your unstated architecture for example).

Dear Guiverc,

well, minimal Lubuntu is version 18.04. So I would like to have something from Ubuntu - just bare desktop, network, apt and that is all - no pcmanFM, no accessories, no screensaver, no gvfs, no modem support, xpad…

And then I can decide and download what I need for this or that project. I spend a few hours looking where I can permanently erase screen saver for GrandOrgue - why?

What are gvfs and other daemons good for when I only need full PC capacity devoted to sound.

I am happy to be with Lubuntu for a few years. I think it is a good project, good repositories, but a bare system without all unnecessary programs would be usefull for more people than me and it is logic of Lubuntu - to have among Ubuntu flavors one really a lightweight, spear instalation.

This is my organ:

As I understand there is nothing like a bare L/Ubuntu?

The oldest supported release of Lubuntu is 20.04 LTS; we don’t support 18.04 any longer, as only Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud and Ubuntu Base are still supported for 18.04.

Given you don’t want pcmanfm-qt; you cannot have LXQt as that is the program that handles the desktop itself (it doubles as a file-manager), thus you won’t be using Lubuntu. Even in the now unsupported LXDE days; pcmanfm handled the desktop functions (also doubling as a file-manager); as it helped achieve the light goal of LX(de/qt).

You can use other WM’s on the Ubuntu base; even Lubuntu itself allows the login to be with openbox session (without the LXQt/Lubuntu desktop), but this is now a generic Ubuntu question (not Lubuntu).

FYI: I see a lot of users on support sites who use the netboot images to load a minimal environment; I use the equivalent myself on my old thinkpads that only have 1GB of ram; but I have all programs & full desktops installed; as disk space isn’t my concern - just the apps using RAM are what I consider (ie. I run a light environment even if bloated on disk).

Your church organ looks “cool”.

FYI: Your page refers to Lubuntu 19.04 as GTK, alas 19.04 was LXQt using Qt5 (not GTK2/3). LXDE used GTK2 which stopped being used with 18.04 as it was deprecated (only the parts that were used by GIMP continued to receive patches whilst the GTK3 port completed). GTK4 is now development, GTK3 in maintenance with GTK1 & GTK2 EOL/deprecated.

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Dear Mr. guiverc,

Thank you a lot for the valuable hint of Network images. It might be what I am looking for - bare system. I will try it in the future.

The most valuable on Ubuntu is not flavors, but repositories and apt/dpkg support.

lx-qt or lx-de, pcmanfm or mc are plus minus the same. I prefer krusader to pcmanfm, so would like to uninstall it completely, if I could. So I find the war around lx-qt completely senseless. Lubuntu should be the lightest flavor of Ubuntu and any of its user can choose what desktop, file manager to use.

I dislike daemons - I do not have so much RAM to have all daemons running. Say gvfs - why it is default deamon - I do not use MTP. Or Modem manager, etc. all this should be optional to keep Lubuntu the lightest of light flavors of Ubuntu.

It is nothing aginst gvfs or lx-qt - they are perfectly good, but I just need a bare system. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the hint with network image…



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@ xerostomus,

I like the mini.iso alias netboot image too. Unfortunately 20.04 LTS is the last version. There will be no newer versions. If you want a minimal installation in the future, you can use an Ubuntu Server iso file and install the packages that you want.

If you want a portable system, you can make the network portable according to this link.


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