Microsoft not changing its stance on windows 10 support is dangerous

Sorry if this is not related to linux, but its so dangerous.

Many pc’s can’t upgrade to WIndows 11. Sure, we can convince some people to switch to linux instead, but many don’t know how to.

And, with an estimated 400 million windows 10 pc’s inelligible(also older windows versions), this could create a huge landfill of computers that will make the environment worse than before.

Yes, i know there is this non-profit organization that sent a petition, but microsoft just replied today(or yesterday or tommorow in your time zone depending on where you live), that the WIndows 10 support cycle will be unchanged.

So, we can do two things: Promote Linux in developing countries, as that is where the biggest source of e-waste is suspected to come from, or we collect many pc’s that can’t run Windows 11 that don’t have an owner anymore.

I would go for the first option, as we are already seeing the rise of Linux in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, India and Greece.

If you need a spare pc, then you can go with the second option.

Overall, Microsoft’s decision with windows 10 is a very, very dangerous decision.

What will you do in 2025? Will you convince your family and friends to switch to linux? Or will you decide to rescue those pc’s on your own?

Please share your opinions.

For those wanting a source, its here:

Personally I could care less as it ain’t going to have any negative effect in my world or anyone else’s world that I know.

Most PC users I know are Apple users and the rest who aren’t have moved to Chrome Books.

I was given several Windows desktops recently that are currently running Windows 10 and may put them up for sale and make some money.

People buy Windows computers.
People don’t buy Linux computers.
I can’t give away a computer with Linux installed on it.
I can always sell a Windows computer.

I don’t care what Microsoft does or is doing never have and never will.
I personally have no complaints with Microsoft.

The Wife may get an Apple computer or may get a Windows 11 computer when Windows 10 reaches EOL she doesn’t care for Linux.

Whatever OS works for someone than that’s the OS they should use imo.

We’ve historically (including Linux) dropped support for older hardware. We can no longer use Windows on 8, 16, or 32 bit systems. Time marches on and supporting older hardware becomes more effort than it’s worth. Windows 10 is supported for a couple more years.

Though I distinctly recall Microsoft saying that 10 would be the ‘last version of Windows’.


Nope, I’m not crazy. I checked.


Nope you are not crazy.

I remember that selling point although I figured it was BS like every other sales pitches made for the chumps and suckers of the world.

As new Windows OSs get released I’m coming into newer computers at no cost or next to nothing.
What I don’t use I will sell as is if Windows 10 is installed and working.
I’m amazed at how quick Windows 10 computers sell especially laptops.

I’ve never been one to try and convert Windows users to a different OS I always figure if they are really serious they will migrate on their own like I did.