Messing around with WM's, uses almost as much ram as the full lubuntu desktop

I’m a long time *buntu user, I remember messing around with windowmanagers way back in the gnome 2 days and having to manually add nm-applet etc into the autostart file of the wm i was using,

Was bored recently and decided to do the same on lubuntu, found out that fluxbox uses over 400mb ram on fresh boot which seems very high for just running fluxbox and nothing else.

and I can access the internet without having to manually start any network stuff, so presume a bunch of background services are being autostarted regardless of what wm I’m using.

is this the expected behaviour now? I know a tonne has changed since I messed with this stuff last, maybe the way the services are started is totally separate from the DE?

All Ubuntu flavors, which include of course Lubuntu, are really just Ubuntu systems with different default packages included due to our different seed files being used (all are created by the same infrastructure).

You can view our lunar or 23.04 seed file here, even contrast it for example with Ubuntu Desktop’s here. My providing that single seed file doesn’t show the complete picture (there’s more than just that file, esp. for Ubuntu Desktop); but my point is really all Ubuntu flavors are really Ubuntu base systems at heart, with just different packages as default; thus I’d expect all to have very similar behavior.

I’ve been involved with QA for years with Ubuntu, and that’s a huge benefit, as in almost all cases if one Ubuntu flavor or main Ubuntu Desktop has a problem; they’ll all have problems… however when only one (or on occasion two; Ubuntu Studio also use calamares like we do) have the issue - we’ve got a MAMMOTH clue as to the problem given how alike the flavors are given they’re all using the same Ubuntu base.

*I’ll move this thread to off-topic, as we don’t support flexbox as we use openbox.


hey thanks for the response,
so sounds like this isn’t expected behaviour? as in if i log out of the lubuntu desktop and log into a plain wm, no other background process should be running?
I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or just the way things work now days…

Last I heard, fluxbox should be pretty lightweight.
400mb sounds a bit high.

So I did a few readings for perspective.

(I installed lxtask as a reference;)

lxtask readings (MB) just after boot+terminal.

Lubuntu 12.04 LXDE-(0.5)

Lubuntu 18.04 LXDE-10

Lubuntu 22.04 LXQt-0.17.0

Lubuntu 22.10 LXQt-1.1.0

Devuan 4 chimaera
LXDE-11 LXQt-0.16.0 Xfce4-4.16
255 287 407

It may look like 22.04 is a bit bloated, but these
are kinda rough readings, and my main machine is 22.04
and I’ve done a lot of tinkering with it.
So that’s my 10cents. Not that I can explain it,
(and I won’t cos memory digging looks to be really hard in linux).


yeah fwiu, fluxbox should use like 10 times less than that.

I presume background services are running on booting into a plain wm as well because I can access the internet on my laptop without having to start a network applet (from my understanding if i log into a plain wm, i’d need to manually start the network applet in order to access the net, so presumably either lxqt session (or what ever it’s called) is being started regardless of the session type i pick, or something else entirely is starting these.

*accessing the internet via wifi

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