MD5 checksum is for 20.04, instead of 20.04.1

the download page for 20.04.1 ( has the link for md5sums. on clicking the link, it opens up another page showing the md5sum which is for 20.04 and not 20.04.1.
could you please correct that?
thank you


Thanks for reporting. We’ll get it corrected asap.

I think the problem is MD5SUMS aren’t generated anymore for ISOs, thus the link needs to be changed to sha256sums which was updated

Thanks for looking into it.

I hope that md5sums can continue since there is no real issue of security of the MD5 digest here, and we are already used to the standalone MD5 checksum utilities.

I couldn’t find the SHA256 checksums page. could the link be provided in the download page itself?

Thank you.

The is controlled by Canonical staff, and not Lubuntu. I recall discussion(s) on md5sum for ISOs but it was awhile ago, but it’s mostly outside of our control anyway.

I looked via your link, and ended up at
and it was when I was at that page that I remembered the md5sum discussions, as a likely reason why md5sums wasn’t regenerated.

I’d suggest just using

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OK. Thanks for educating me on that.

I think i should have given you the link itself, my bad, so here it is on the same lubuntu download page
it shows the checksum for 20.04

i actually didn’t get to the ubuntu download page because it was recommended to use the magnet link, which is what i did, FYI.

The link I used is one directory above yours… (I just navigated from your link up a level to look at what was created/updated in the directory; it showed the md5sums file wasn’t re-created which is your issue).

My own belief is that file will remain as it is (for all future releases too, ie. 20.04.2, 20.04.3 etc), and we’ll adjust our web site to provide the SHA256SUMS file as I suggested :slight_smile:

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In that case, could you remove the link attached to “md5sums” in the line on the download page, so that others don’t get confused and write in? this is the line on that download page:

Note: make sure to verify the integrity (md5sums) of your downloads and that they come from an official source. More info [here].

Thank you for your responses

I posted a reply to your message. This should be all set now.


Thank you, i see that the link text is now showing as sha256. :+1:


Thanks for the confirmation @ramsamba, appreciated.

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