Maximum RAM with dmidecode

Hi, with dmidecode -t 16 I am seeing that I can install more RAM than perhaps I would have been able to with Windows previously.

So my Desktop is saying like 32gb and my laptop is saying 16gb. Both say 4 devices but there’s only 2 slots in each.

Am I seeing 4 because it is counting ROM and GPU Memory?

They’re both 64bit so is it likely that if I try to increase it will work with Lubuntu?

It’s a bit off topic but looking for advice before jumping in.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that you’re seeing 4 devices because your devices support dual-channel memory. Maybe?

This is a guess. Hopefully someone will confirm it or correct it, but I see that it has gone unanswered for a while.

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Without knowing the system model you’re working on and seeing the output, it’s impossible for anyone to make any guesses.

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