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Hi to Everybody,

I’m trying to become familiar to QT applications in LXQT, but it’s not always so linear.

For example, I wasn’t able to find a “corrispondence” for the useful gnome disk utility, or for Gdebi.

So, may I suggest to the Lubuntu Team the publication of a graphical scheme with the corrispondence of the main programs between the “historical” LXDE desktop environment and the new LXQT one?

I think it could be very useful to facilitate the transition to the “dunderheads” like me!

Thanks in advance.

Maybe the list hidden in our wiki can help you.


@apt-ghetto: thank you for your fast and useful reply.

Yes, that list is very helpful! I’ve already bookmarked the link…

However, may I suggest to do something where, next to the main programs like package manager, email etc, you could write the most considerable differences between them? Not all the differences, for those you can go to see the specific documentation, only the most notable ones. After that, you could also publish this scheme on your website or in your Facebook page, for example… these are only suggestion from a Lubuntu fan!

Thanks again.

That might be somewhat useful but given that the LXDE/GTK version of Lubuntu will be End of Life early next year, it seems like a lot of effort for little return.

A quick list maybe

Lubuntu 18.04 category Lubuntu 18.04 Lubuntu 20.04
Accessories Archive Manager Ark
Accessories Disks KDE Partition Manager
Accessories File Manager (PCManFM) PCMANFM-Qt
Accessories Galculator KCalc
Accessories Image Viewer (gpicview) LXImage
Accessories Leafpad Featherpad
Accessories Xpad
Accessories nobleNote
Graphics Document Viewer qpdfview
Graphics Simple Scan Skanlite
Graphics mtPaint graphic editor LibreOffice Draw
Internet Firefox Web Browser Firefox Web Browser
Internet Pidgin Internet Messenger
Internet Quassel IRC
Internet Sylpheed Trojita
Internet Transmission Qtransmission
Office Abiword LibreOffice Writer
Office Gnumeric LibreOffice Calc
Office LibreOffice Impress
Office LibreOffice Math
Sound & Video Audacious VLC
Sound & Video GNOME MPV VLC
Sound & Video PulseAudio Volume Control PulseAudio Volume Control
Sound & Video XFburn K3b
Sound & Video gucview
System Tools Gdebi Muon Package Manager
System Tools Gparted KDE Partition Manager
System Tools htop htop
System Tools LX-Terminal Qterminal
System Tools Software Discover
System Tools Software Updater Discover or “Apply Full Upgrade”
System Tools Startup Disk Creator Startup Disk Creator
System Tools Synaptic Package Manager Muon Package Manager
System Tools System Profiler and Benchmark
System Tools Task Manager qps
System Tools Time and Date Date and Time (LXQt settings)
System Tools Users and Groups Users and Groups (LXQt settings)

This was done via a Lubuntu 18.04.4 ‘live’ system (20200203) and compared with a Lubuntu 20.04 default install. It was done quickly and I may have made errors, or omitted some.

(The Pidgin & Quassel don’t quite line up intentionally, that’s me however Quassel can be used to replace Pidgin for many use cases)
Original at


Very good! May I suggest to publish that list on your website and on your official Facebook page?
(by the way: no alternative for gucview? in this Coronavirus period a program like that is useful for doing asynchronous lessons at shools by teachers)

@wxl: maybe a list like that published by @guiverc in this post could be very useful for the actual users (me too). I see sometimes in the forums people “a bit lost” about this important transition…

FYI: My not listing an equivalent for gucview could be I didn’t see it as I’m not very familiar with that program.

I also only listed programs that were found on default installs (based on 18.04.4 running ‘live’); it also did not list all programs (esp. on 20.04), and some like fcitx which is found in both I ignored (and that will matter for some users, and thus the list could be worrisome)

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If @guiverc wants to put it on the wiki, I won’t complain but, like I said, it’s going to have little usefulness in less than a year’s time.

I think that is:

Gdebi —> qapt-deb-installer

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Right. Discover will do it, too.

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Looking for an alternative to guvcview I’ve found:

  • kamoso: it seems the most diffused in ‘kde world’, but in two of my notebooks it crashes just as I do an action. What a pity, since it is in the repos and installable via apt.

  • webcamoid: it is available as appimage, it seems to work very well and it is complete.

This was supposed to be a list of which applications Lubuntu 20.04 has that match the functionality of Lubuntu 18.04.

You mention a place where 20.04 fails to fulfill the functionality of 18.04. That might be an interesting additional topic.

Another thing that would be useful to have, I think, is a discussion of potentially useful programs to in addition to or instead of the ones already present. Sort of like curated suggestions that aren’t GTK-specific. Krita, for example, is a great image editor (although a little big) and a lot less clumsy than LibreOffice Draw.

An additional discussion could be applications we want to remove or replace. I, for one, move to remove LibreOffice Math.

If ya’ll have thoughts on this, open up some new topics and let’s get to work!


Great idea to work on!

I’m giving you the credit for it :wink:


I’ve begun, I hope to have rightly done what you suggested…

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