Markup Syntax for Lubuntu Manual

Am fascinated by the syntax of the markup text you use to write the Lubuntu Manual. It looks a little like ‘markdown’ syntax ?

To be able to contribute to lubuntu documentation, would like to study the syntax of your text files a bit more closely. My favorite tool is asciidoctor but appreciate asciidoc syntax is not useful when lubuntu documentation has been written over many years. :smiling_face::pray:

I am also a fan of asciidoc (using AsciidocFX).

The Lubuntu manual is written in “reStructuredText” and compiled with Sphinx.


Would you know if there is a guide or document that explains Restructured Text syntax ? If it’s not too ‘greek’ for me i’ll play with a tool to translate Restructured Tex into asciidoc - just for fun of course :grin:
But was thinking if it’s time we update our Lubuntu documentation to a more modern style ? :scream_cat::grin:

Yes there are guides and documentation. But I do not want to take away the fun of doing the research by your own.

If you have the time and patience to that, do it. But I do not think that Lubuntu wants to migrate away from sphinx.

There are several ways to contribute to Lubuntu. And contributing in some way to the Manual is one way.

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