Mantic Minotaur - Lubuntu Manual shortcut on desktop

On Mantic Minotaur’s desktop there’s a shortcut to the Lubuntu manual, if it’s deleted, after a reboot it comes back, how to delete it permanently?

It is coded to only delete after reading. :slight_smile: Kidding.
No idea.

I only play with the live install.

What happens if you right click on a blank part of the desktop, select desktop preferences, click on advanced, and remove the checkmark next to the entry for the manual?

That seems likely to work and would be a bug if it did not - but I test the live instance and not the installed instance, so I’m speculating.



I did read it but still, can’t remove it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmmmm, let me try that.

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