Making firefox snap app faster

Figured it was worth posting.


I ended up removing snaps altogether and started using flatpaks which sped up everything and reduced memory usage.

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snaps don’t go with the premise of a lightweight system.
snaps take longer, use almost twice the ram and disk memory

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Where does this premise come from?

Do you have any evidence?

  • How do you measure “take longer”? Cold boot or warm boot?
  • How do you measure the ram consumption?
  • How do you measure the disk memory (you mean disk space?)?

I thought the same thing when I started using Snaps but no longer think that way.

Based on my use Snaps do take longer to open for the first time after a system restart or system power on from a cold start.

After that first time Snaps open within a few seconds.

I agree that Snaps do use a bit more of memory but really not that much more even on my old outdated spare parts computers.

It took a bit to get used to using Snaps and Snaps aren’t perfect however Snaps seem to work on my computer without complaints.

AppImages / Flatpak / Snaps all have their good and bad points.

I figure if I’m going to use Ubuntu distros than I’ll use Snaps since Snaps are already incorporated in Ubuntu and Ubuntu official flavors.

Bottom line is no one is forcing no none to use Snaps.

My 2bits.