Mac keyboard, shift locked, enter won't work and much more

hey !

so i installed lubuntu on a macbook pro early 2011 using refind and all. i chose dual boot since i have two hard drives, so 1 has mac os just in case and the other one has lubuntu on it. so far so good.

the only problem is my keyboard and the way my mousepad works sometimes. here,s a list of what,s wrong :

  • the shift key is stuck. it’s not physical because when i boot with macos it works perfectly fine.
  • the enter key won’t work in active terminal. i use ctrl=j instead, but i would really love it if i could get it back.
  • absolutely no keyboard shortcut will work. no matter what i do.
  • when i want to scroll down with the pad, it works in terminal and other lubuntu apps, but it wont work in firefox no matter what

oh and when i want to click in the middle of a sentence to correct it, it automatically selects the end of the sentence and will only let me erase it. earlier i went on the screensaver, and for a quick second the keyboard was back to normal and then it went weird again.

i set up the multilingual canadian keyboard as i am french, and chose the macbook pro intl. setup. i already tried a bunch of stuff, gnome tweak, update drivers and some other stuff i saw in forums but none of them seems to work.

should i just reinstall ? what can i do ?

Ok so yeah, for whatever reason it just started working like 30 seconds after I posted this. I don’t know what happened, it had been like that for the past 24h. I didn’t even reboot, it just… worked. I don’t get it.

I still want to know what your tricks are if it were to ever happen again

You’ve not provided any release details; which is where I’d start. I suggest you add that import details.

You also added issue(s) were resolved/started working, but I don’t see which if any/all you were talking about in your list of items, so making that clearer may help too.

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