Lxqt-archiver "Re-create folders" performs opposite function

When extracting from an archive with lxqt-archiver 0.4.0 (latest from repos) on Lubuntu 22.04, there is an option called “Re-create folders” which I assumed meant “re-create folder structure/hierarchy during extraction”.

However, when this option is checked (default is unchecked), it actually does the opposite – it dumps all files contained in the archive (regardless of directory depth) into the destination directory. If I leave it unchecked, then it actually re-creates the directory structure.

I’m not sure if this is fixed in newer versions of lxqt-archiver or not. lxqt-archiver’s own issue tracker says to post bugs with the project at the distribution’s issue tracker instead and this site is the best I could find for that sort of thing.


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