LXQt 1.1 ppa for 22.04 Lubuntu


I was a bit disappointed the same LXQT 0.17 as 21.10 was installed on new 22.04 Lubuntu ?

So I found a ppa build of LXQt but I wanted asked if anyone here has successfully installed on 22.04 Lubuntu or will it corrupt 22.04 Lubuntu?

I consider myself a pretty knowledge Linux user as I have used mesa daily ppa and mainline kernel ppa to fix, debug and report bugs with Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Oh sorry I forgot to include the ppa link and well I could not find an edit button for my original post.

That PPA isn’t packaged by anyone on the Lubuntu team nor is it supported by the Lubuntu team. Any issues should be reported to the PPA owner.

It may very well work fine but you are on your own if you decide to use it.


Yes understood.

I have an old laptop from 2011 that is just a toy and my test machine. Not a big deal if suddenly an update corrupts the Linux distro because I added a ppa.

UPDATE: The LXQt 1.1 ppa worked fine and is quite nice. It’s certainly fine for any testing machines. I would expect this version or newer with the next Lubuntu, 22.10.

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