Lubuntu won't boot from flash drive

hello, I have made a lubuntu bootable flash drive using rufus(fat32), when I try to install lubuntu, the selecting menu is coming fine, but when I select try or install lubntu, my laptop restarts immedietly, and boot again to windows again,
it seems like I can’t install lubuntu? anyone have any idea? I thank for any support, I really need to install lubuntu :slight_smile:
what I downloaded is: lubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso

  • Please explain what selecting menu that is ‘coming fine’. Is it an UEFI-BIOS menu of the computer, or the grub menu (which belongs to Lubuntu) or some other menu? (It seems to me that it is the grub menu.)

  • Please tell us about

    • the computer: brand name and model

    • the CPU: brand name and model

    • the graphics chip/card: brand name and model

  • Did you check with sha256sum, that your iso file was downloaded correctly?

  • After making sure that the iso file is good, please try once more, this time run Rufus in ‘dd-mode’, which means that you clone from the iso file to the flash drive.


selecting menu is grub, I mean I can get there, but I can’t go further from menu,
it seems sha256 hashes doesn’t match, what can cause it? I downloaded from original source,
my hash: f871b8b61149f77c4a8b9ff4cd03267ca71d2e56f84368717303d49e9d344259

release hash: ffccfa53a10bacf0b8b7589e85c739e650aef8f38ac4ed66f96fd591396d2f21 *lubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso

Please download again, or if still problems, get the iso file via torrent or zsync, which have built-in checking (bad chunks are downloaded again until success).