Lubuntu Wallpaper Contest for Eoan Ermine

Hi everyone,

The Lubuntu Team is pleased to announce we are running an Eoan Ermine wallpaper competition, giving you, our community, the chance to submit, and get your favorite wallpapers included in the Lubuntu 19.10 release.

To enter, simply post your image into this thread.

We will close this thread on September 4th, 2019 and the judging will begin.

The wallpaper selection committee will select the finalists for the Lubuntu Members to vote on.

There are a few rules though. Please make sure you are happy to submit your work under these rules before you post it. Posting your images here indicates acceptance of the rules.


The images you upload must be yours. If you see an image which you know to be misrepresented please flag it and we will take care of it.


Please don’t upload the full-size image to discourse. Large images will slow down this thread so please use smaller images here. In due course, we will contact submitters for access to finalist images, which should be at least 2560x1600.


As previously mentioned, the final image size should be at least 2560x1600 pixels. Images much smaller than this won’t scale up well. Equally, images with a lot of compression artifacts won’t look good. Your image won’t be accepted if the quality is low.


All watermarks, names, logos, etc must be removed.


Your image(s) must be licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.06 or CC BY 4.03 license. If you do not specify a license in your post then we will assume that you are licensing the image under the CC BY-SA 4.0. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these license terms.

There is more information available here:

Get snapping & adding your submissions here.

Additional note: If your image is smaller than 2560x1600 and is so great you feel it should be considered, submit it anyway with a note on what resolution can be supplied. We may decide it’s so good we must include it as well.


The rock and sea


Nice texture and contrast! Where’s that at?

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thank you! Is a little town in Brazil Southeast shore called Itanhaem (named by brazilian indians Tupi Guarani as “Singing Stones”)


Thank you for your submission and thank you for the background information.


Island the Lighthouse .National Park Mochima.Anzoategui, Venezuela

Picture shown is lower quality than original


Thinking. Merida, Venezuela

Picture shown is lower quality than original


Very nice. Thank you for your submission.

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thank you very much and I hope to continue contributing

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Absolutely, I look forward to it. :smile:

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i have this bigger…



@Noumeno those photographs are top notch. You do this for a living???

no, in fact I do not consider myself a good photographer. I have not taken pictures for a long time but it was something I had in the hard drive.

Maybe I have some more, I have to take a look.

More please! Those are really good.

in these days I stop being so busy and I look to see if I see any more pictures to put here.


and the last one …



Picture shown is lower quality than original


Thank you for your submission.