Lubuntu Soundtrack?

your link above “configuration center” goes to this:

which I really love been listening to it. noticed all the related vids are all stuff I dig, Klaus Shultze etc.

I’ll trade you a coupe of more (not as classic, more modern):


I pulled this reply out of the support category (and will change the link to the config center in the original topic) but yeah that is a happy accident. I super love krautrock and I think E2-E4, like much of Kraftwerk’s output, is really special because it’s ultimately the precursor to techno as we know it and yet it transcends even that. I do think early Tangerine Dream is highly influential, but is not so closely related to modern music.

Incidentially, E2-E4 had a very direct influence on modern electronic music. The Orb originally started as a DJ duo of Alex Patterson (the core of The Orb over time) and the KLF’s Jimmy Cauty. One of the tracks they often included was the self-titled track by Sueño Latino, which itself relied heavily on E2-E4. It’s almost like E2-E4 with some extra bits.

I also adore Ash Ra in general. For whatever reason I hadn’t realized Klaus was a founding member and that both of them were in Eruption with Conrad Schnitzler. In case you’re not aware, Conny was in early Tangerine Dream, early Kluster (with Moebius and Rodelius; they pretty much made the precursor for industrial music), and is still doing fantastic sound design.

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Hey hopefully you get this, sorry for the hiatus. here’s a mix thought you’d like (its super chill, but decent)


and you love krautrock? ha… I’ve got something things you may like or might have heard. I can share all the songs in a cloud link… on my next comment.