Lubuntu remove complete snap

From my side of view, it is not possible to remove snap, as like in Ubuntu. Can someone confirm, and give me additional hints why it is not possible ?

Ubuntu and all flavors are built with the same Ubuntu base on the same infrastructure, with our different seed files that cause different packages from the Ubuntu repositories to be included. In most cases all will behave the same, which includes snap.

You can explore our seed and you’ll quickly see the only inclusion we have is firefox and its requirements, as that’s how firefox is now packaged in Ubuntu repositories. We’ve explored switching to another browser a number of times, but there were always issues that firefox didn’t have.

I’ve removed the firefox snap, even disabled the snapd infrastructure of test systems without issue (including because of questions on this site too), and its been written about many times on Ubuntu sites (including Planet Ubuntu by Ubuntu developers). I mostly did it to answer questions, and never kept the install beyond a week or two at longest (but I did keep one of my own systems without snapd for >6 months to see if I noticed any difference in speed; I didn’t except insignificant boot time)

Changes always occur between releases; we’re in fact a good way through the two year development cycle that will conclude with 24.04, and part-way through the smaller six month cycle for 23.10, and thus how it’s done with one release may differ slightly or significantly to another release; so when following instructions I’d always adjust for your unstated release.


I usually purge snap programs and snapd demon and add firefox’s own ppa so that the newest release is always installed as a .deb

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I must ask again, currently you use Lubuntu and you had no problem to purge snapd ?

I’ve done it before. I have had no problems.
If you are worried, just do a backup.

There are numerous articles on the web showing you how to remove snap. You just have to google it.
Example here.

After removal, you can prevent apt from bringing it back by adding this file;


Package: snapd
Pin: release a=*
Pin-Priority: -10

I am sorry, this is not an answer, is it possible to purge snapd or not with Lubuntu 22.04, and with Shakespeare, to say, better hang up, as to link ?

What are you talking about? You can remove snapd fully and the distro will not break. :grinning:


I did, and it was possible. But I also must confess, nothing did work, after all.
I repeat me, installation via 20.04, via dist upgrade, get 22.04 Ubuntu, did remove snapd, and had the described problems, did someone the same way ?
I go another way, image of Lubuntu 22.04.02 to DVD, it works, but I must confess, installation procedure mus be improved., the new installation procedure :
Copy the complete DVD to HDD to a temporary directory, and install from it.
Imagine the install procedure will be speed up !

  1. I do not see the “described problems”. Where have you described your problems?
  2. If you remove snapd and you have problems, then this is not a question for the “Lubuntu Support”. It belongs into the “Offtopic” category.

Did someone the same way of installation ?
Problems : “nothing did work after all”, for you apt-ghetto
And I repeat my support to Lubuntu : “Copy the complete DVD to HDD to a temporary directory, and install from it.
Imagine the install procedure will be speed up !”

Ahhh, I am sorry, but I did not recognise this incredibly short and concise error description as such. Indeed, if nothing works, there is not much you can do. I was expecting, that at least the system is (partially) booting so that you would have access to some kind of a shell and/or some kind of error message/core dump/segfault/kernel panic.

The installer is called Calamares and is open source. You can open a new issue and explain to the current maintainers/developers of Calamares, how the “proper” way of installing would look like.

Please remove.


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