Lubuntu Recommended specs

Where can I find recommended specs for Lubuntu?

As was documented before, as has been repeated many times on various sites

For the forseeable future, here are our core goals:

  • Lubuntu will leverage modern, Qt-based technologies and programs to give users a functional yet modular experience.
  • In collaboration with others, Lubuntu will continue to be a transparent and open distribution which makes it a priority to keep the community informed about the development when possible.
  • Lubuntu will create and maintain complete documentation which will be included by default in the operating system, and can guide anyone from beginner to expert on how to use Lubuntu to its full potential and contribute to the further development of it.
  • Lubuntu will keep a light experience by default but enable users to utilize more heavy and featureful components as desired.
  • Lubuntu will have the ability to be used in any language across the world, and enable contributors to easily translate all components of the operating system.

This means that Lubuntu will stay light, and for users with old systems, should still be usable. But we will no longer provide minimum system requirements and we will no longer primarily focus on older hardware.

I suggest you read the full post as explanation of the decision is there as well; but I didn’t want to copy/paste it all.

Some devices I use/used in QA-testing (Quality Assurance) Lubuntu

  • lenovo thinkpad sl510 (c2d-t6570, 2gb ram, i915)
  • motion computing j3400 (c2d-u9400, 4gb, intel mobile 4 series)
  • hp dc7700 (c2d-e6320, 5gb, nvidia quadro nvs 290)
  • hp dc7900 (c2d-e8400, 4gb, intel 4 series integrated i915)
  • dell [optiplex] 745 (c2d-6600, 6gb, amd/ati radeon rv516/x1300/x1550)
  • dell [optiplex] 755 (c2d-e6850, 5gb, amd/ati radeon rv516/x1300/x1550)
  • dell [optiplex] 755 (c2d-e8300, 8gb, amd/ati radeon rv610/radeon hd2400 pro/xt)
  • dell [optiplex] 780 (c2q-q9400, 8gb, amd/ati cedar radeon hd 5000/6000/7350/8350)
  • dell [optiplex] 960 (c2q-q9400, 8gb, amd/ati cedar radeon hd 5000/6000/7350/8350)

and I’ve not listed anything with an i-series cpu or later; and I used far more limited hardware on i386 QA-testing; ie. up to the dropping of 32-bit in the disco or Lubuntu 19.04 cycle (ie. two cycles with LXQt desktop).

The specs though mean little - I still use devices for my own purposes with 1GB of RAM; but I use them very differently to how I use this device (which is actually on the aforementioned list) which has more RAM; ie. careful app choice & user behavior is more important than the base OS/desktop in my opinion.


Based on your experience, would Lubuntu run smoothly on my laptop?
Laptop specs: intel Celeron n4000, 4gb ram, 128gb SSD

That is a modern machine…

Your cpu specs are here, or a cpu from 2017; where as I listed all boxes with CPUs from before 2010.

Personally I think the most important thing is matching desktop with the apps you’ll end up using, as when they mismatch you’ll need two sets of libs sharing RAM that do the same thing, ie. wasting RAM. On 4GB or less, I tend to be rather careful with choices (esp. with 2GB or less); but that’s user behavior and not part of the OS itself. Lubuntu uses LXQt which is Qt5; so that is the bit that matters here. Yes it’s very light & fast, but Qt5 is what I’m getting at; what apps are you going to use? That’s what I’d consider.

I don’t know your CPU, am aware it’s a celeron (cut down & slower) but it’s still modern.

I’d expect it to perform really well if used appropriately (ie. within limits of your RAM; ie. be somewhat careful, as its the 4GB that stands out to me, that and I suspect it’s got a lousy keyboard; a quirk/hangup of mine).

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