Lubuntu promotion

Lubuntu is heavily based on the LXQt desktop. As discussed in a recent post here, the work of the Lubuntu project team members is limited. I.e. they do not actively maintain, or change and enhance the underlying LXQt software.

Instead, their task is to deliver regularily a decent, and nice, and good working implementation of the LXQt desktop on a system that is Ubuntu-based, but has significant differences. Some differences are on the appearance of the desktop (in general styling, compared with LXQt out-of-the-box), most changes are on the underlying OS. A job well done!

For some years already, I’ve been seriously missing the recognisation that Lubuntu IMHO deserves on the website.

Ubuntu is named there, which is strange. Yes, the LXQt desktop can be installed on Ubuntu, but it is just a plain vanilla implementation. Nothing nice added, notthing special in fact. Not to be compared with Lubuntu in any way.

So, I hereby urge the Lubuntu team to take action, and assure that Lubuntu is recognised on the named LXQt website. It should be!

Please be aware that the Ubuntu named link on the mentioned website indeed leads to Lubuntu.


To me, Lubuntu is a Ubuntu system, and thus where makes reference to Ubuntu and points to the Lubuntu page as @Wolf314 already mentioned; that is us.

I earned my Ubuntu membership through Ubuntu News before I’d started performing QA testing for Lubuntu or Xubuntu, and in time became a Lubuntu member due to contributions with Lubuntu. But for those who only contribute to Lubuntu and reach Lubuntu membership, those Lubuntu contributions also achieve them Ubuntu membership; Lubuntu being part of the Ubuntu ‘family’.


Oh my dearness.

I have something against “Ubuntu”, and in general I am very reluctant to push any link that has something to do with Ubuntu, so I guess I never pushed it. Clearly, I made a mistake here.

Apologises are in place here. But IMHO it would be better, if on the named website, “Lubuntu” is named, and not “Ubuntu”.


Maybe make the suggestion to LXQt yourself? We have no power to change it regardless of our own feelings.

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OK. Yeah, why not. I guess that if I was confused (to put it friendly) other people may be confused as well.

I’ve never been confused by it. Lubuntu is Ubuntu, as is Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Kylin, etc. These are all really truly nothing more than a selection of packages from the Ubuntu archives.

By contrast, if you look at Linux Mint, which is very closely related to Ubuntu, since it uses packages from outside the Ubuntu archives, it is not Ubuntu.


It’s not really confusing, such that the column lists distros that offer other desktop environments too.

Each link tries to point to the lxqt page of the distro (or some info about lxqt if possible). It’s only natural that Ubuntu points to, since it’s a flavour.

How each distro tailors lxqt is beyond lxqt’s control. They just distribute the packages.


I think of LXQt Project as distributing the code, as its packaged up usually by the downstream distributions such as Ubuntu/Lubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc.

Well, to explain what I meant with confusion (without enlarging the confusion any more):

the confusion I refer to is not the level of distinction, or close relationship, or whatever you want to call it, between Lubuntu and Ubuntu, or any other flavour of Ubuntu really. It is about the sense of confusion when somebody, curious about LXQt in general, arrives at the website, and sees Ubuntu in the list of showcase OS-es using LXQt.

Ubuntu, and not Lubuntu.

I certainly was not expecting to see Ubuntu there. Why not, you may ask, since also e.g. Debian, openSUSE and Gentoo are listed there.

Well, those OS-es are multi-desktop (Ubuntu is not in fact, nor is Lubuntu); and their packaging system (from the others) provide a decent vanilla implementation of LXQt. Out of the box, as an option besides other desktops. An option that gives you a very good workable LXQt desktop. You have a choice. You can choose.

Ubuntu is an OS with its own specific dedicated desktop metaphor. Also, Lubuntu has its own dedicated desktop (a LXQt implementation).

Lubuntu is not Ubuntu. I can install Ubuntu, and afterwards install LXQt from the packaging system. Anyone can do that, but you will not end up with Lubuntu. The OS-es are not the same, and the LXQt implementation is not the same.

My whole point is really, I guess and think, and hope, it would be more beneficiary to Lubuntu, if Ubuntu with that “L” would be listed on that LXQt project website. Not Ubuntu.

In my humble opinion It would give a lot more credibility to the work of the Lubuntu team.

“Uuuh dude, Lubuntu is not listed/showcased. Probably they are not that great. Let’s try Endeavour!”

If there is an implementation of LXQt that really deserves to be in the list, it is Lubuntu. That is my point!

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