Lubuntu Problem (DELL 3180 CHROMEBOOK)


I’m having trouble with the sound :frowning:

When I listen to music from youtube, after a short time there is a long “howling”, it can also be called beeping ?

when I close the browser “this sound” goes away, the same thing happens in games (SuperTux)

VIDEO LINK : Watch VID20240318192924 | Streamable

It works like this on two versions that I can download from the official Lubuntu website :frowning:

First things first: are you sure the sound works at all in any OS?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking. the sound works but what I just posted happens. lubuntu 22/04 and 23/10

Also, is this a Bay/Cherrytrail notebook? If you do, then do:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/sof.conf

then add:

options snd_sof sof_debug=1

Then reboot and see if there are any changes.

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Normal chromebook. But i try your commands

I would call what you sent as a clear sign of the sound not working as intended. What I’m asking is there any OS that the sound works as expected in?

chrome OS lol :smile: its working ahahhaha

bro thx :))) After applying what you sent, this problem no longer occurs! <3

I noticed that still in lubuntu on the sound mixer changes my volume to 82% is there any command to set the volume to 100% all the time ?

You mean it changes on reboot or what? Because it should persist.

I will say that you can definitively set it to 100% by installing pamixer and running pamixer --set-volume 100.

it happens when I turn it on, when I restart it, even when I change the quality of YouTube videos. pulse audio does just that when you press the mixer button.

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I’m not sure I know of the solution to the problem. It seems that similar problems have been reported before but they appear to be fixed. I think you’ll find the issue doesn’t exist in the newer version of Lubuntu.