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I’ll add these bugs here so easy to find, but not 'worthy* of being tracked in list above.

I tend to come across them ~often, and whilst the space between screens I’ve noted reported on support sites thus experienced by others, no other confirms on bug reports.

Issue 2013074 is more ~easily replicated with vertical alignment of monitors (one monitor above another), thus won’t impact many users.

They are easily worked around though (replace openbox with another WM) if impacted.


This is an issue for Lubuntu in two ways

  • not great security wise; we could always release notes document it
  • if a user does this (doesn’t enter password) at install; then locks their installed session, they may not be able to (easily) unlock their session due to not having a password

This is an issue with calamares; thus also impacts Ubuntu Studio.


Resolved by setting the nonempty: true setting in the password requirements in our users.conf file in calamares-settings-ubuntu.


I’ll mention this here

If you click to use ENCRYPT SYSTEM but fail to provide a key (no passphrase is entered) the installer (calamares) will allow you to proceed and install correctly though the system will not be encrypted.

It is noted that calamares does provide a “great big warning sign over on the right-hand side of the window until you input a passphrase”, but some users of Lubuntu may expect an encrypted system where they can just hit ENTER (ie. no key) to be entered during boot, which is not what occurs.

This has been noticed too late for us to do anything about it, but I’ll note it here. Thanks @ArrayBolt3 for detecting it.