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Item to watch - install alongside, install using existing partition etc for Lubuntu jammy.

grub 2.06

I just rebooted my primary box (I tend to do about fornightly) so it’d been running 16 days, and I was hit by the OS_PROBER issue.

My system is dual boot; my other OS being 20.04; but it wasn’t there for me to select in grub, in fact with only a single OS detected I didn’t even see the grub menu.

I haven’t confirmed this is an issue hitting new installs, but I bet it will. When Lubuntu 21.04 reaches EOL my current 21.04 install kept for support purposes will shift to a 22.04 QA-test install & I’ll be noticing this rather regularly I suspect.

It’s not impacting 20.04 installs I believe (last QA-test install with focal daily was 2-3 days ago), but I’m betting it’ll hit certain BIOS jammy installs at a minimum (not full-disk or dual-boot types).

This topic created for tracking purposes primarily (it’s still early days so this is of no importance currently)


Ran into this issue twice in the past few days installing Kubuntu Jammy and also Ubuntu Mate Jammy on “install alongside” installs. The original bug report is here Bug #1955109.
Planning on testing Lubuntu Jammy later today. :grinning:


Thanks @leok

I’m disappointed in that I saw that bug report appear on #ubuntu-bugs-announce, and intended to test for it… but never got around to it :frowning: Alas, it was forgotten and whilst I was convinced I’d seen a report for it; I didn’t find it when this box didn’t have the other OS listed (I think I found the original focal report & it b/c of the focal on it I missed it’s importance).

Thank you.

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I can confirm this also in Lubuntu Jammy - tested ISO 23-12-2021

Comment #5 in the bug report suggests a workaround.


Another issues that requires tracking…

firefox deb to snap transition.

As noted in a QA-test release-upgrade (from 21.10 to jammy) by @leok

<lubot> [telegram] <Leokolb> Ran an upgrade from 21.10 to Jammy - upgrade went well but Firefox
was not on the menu(installed after the upgrade ..then opened Discover installed Firefox and all
settings were retained (re @kc2bez: In my limited testing it should retain your settings and
<lubot> [telegram] <Leokolb> Test result of upgrade @kc2bez
<lubot> [telegram] <kc2bez> I think we will need to provide instructions in the release notes.

Thanks for the QA-testing @Leokolb


Just for the record a new bug report was filed regarding the Firefox snap transition mentioned in above post. .


firefox deb to snap transition:

I noted in a live QA-test the following comment

Clicking About & then clicking a LINK… after which there is a VERY LOOONG pause before a link opens… I think release notes mention maybe required?? b/c of firefox snap usage; and it being somewhat slower to start on initial run. My USB has no LED to show read/write so it does ‘feel’ like it didn’t work…

I knew to be patient. but new users, or installers who aren’t expecting the package type change, may declare it’s not working…

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Minor issue…

Post install and using the fresh lubuntu system, opening LibreOffice - HELP - Libreoffice.Help

gets firefox opened &

FILE NOT FOUND - file://tmp/lu23267w8nw8.tmp/NewHelp1.htmp (or equivalent file)

but this isn’t likely snap related given date of initial report & Edward/epp1’s report of it in impish too.

Update: issue acknowledged; is not a Lubuntu specific issue but instead a snap confinement issue, and is being worked on.

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Two firefox’s have appeared on our ISOs :frowning:

Thanks to @leok for noticing, however it’s now confirmed we’re not alone with this (Ubuntu Desktop canary), so hopefully it’ll get fixed soon to & is not a Lubuntu issue directly.

Update: I just noticed Feature Freeze Exception: Seeding the official Firefox snap in Ubuntu Desktop - Announcements - Ubuntu Community Hub which I hope is related… Maybe the change here of “NoDisplay=true” will fix this for us :slight_smile:


By the way, I took a ‘deeper’ look today and they’re two distinct versions. The snap is a different version than the one installed from the traditional repositories. I looked just to satisfy my own curiosity.

We don’t really need more confirmation. I was just curious.



Grub resolved :slight_smile:

I believe the grub issue has been resolved. I can install many systems now without issue, including our “Install using existing partition” without needing to manually fix grub… We’ll just watch it.

Wallpaper change, 2x firefox items & ISO creation issue

We’ve changed wallpaper, but currently have an ISO creation issue (Bug #1966168 “Jammy Lubuntu and Ubuntu Studio Daily ISO images n...” : Bugs : Ubuntu CD Images which was closed, but thanks @leok) so we can’t test that, or the two Firefox issues (1963672) now deb package of firefox is just a snap wrapper

The ISO creation issue maybe just a naming issue… RikMills noticed a .IMG file that maybe the ISO.

Update to my update

I have removed the wrongly-named ‘.img’ files. The next daily build will produce .iso files again.

quoting Vorlon/Steve Langasek here so that issue will be gone tomorrow with luck :slight_smile:


A new bug report was filed regarding custom partitioning on btrfs.


@leok in QA had an upgrade issue with snap store for upgrades from focal to jammy

This issue is really a concern for 22.04.1 as only impish (21.10) users will see the upgrade process to jammy (22.04) after 22.04’s release, so we can monitor this [for now].

This issue (2 Firefox entries on app menu) is fixed after beta release 20220329.1 - tested 2 machines and all good.


Yup. I was able to grab and test it before today’s .iso dropped (assuming we get one). So far, so good.

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Upgrade from Impish to Jammy no longer a problem as per 01.04.2022 - tested both TUI and GUI upgrades and all good- no errors .

Regarding Focal to Jammy - the issue is being worked on and as mentioned by @guiverc still a bit of time before 22.04.01.


Not technically a Jammy-specific problem but worth mentioning, the iso tracker site is now back to performing in a reasonable manner - no longer taking close to two minutes to load some pages.

So, whoever was tracking that, it has been fine for a few days now. For whoever fixed it, thanks.


@leok noted that installs using BTRFS leave an unbootable system.

Bug report - Bug #1966774 “btrfs partioning with calamares results in unboota...” : Bugs : calamares package : Ubuntu

This is likely an upstream calamares issue as noted by Erich Eickmeyer

@Leok noted in further release-upgrade testing

Just for the record -Not a workaround but tested an Impish btrfs system upgrade to Jammy Lubuntu with no errors

Thank you @leok


Tested today (04-04-2022) upgrading from Lubuntu Focal 20.04.4 LTS to Lubuntu Jammy LTS - on 2 boxes with no errors. All upgrades from Focal and Impish now no longer an issue.