Lubuntu IRC channels are moving networks!

Following the Ubuntu IRC Council resolution, Lubuntu will be moving all of the Lubuntu IRC channels to LiberaChat as well. Some of the channels have already moved at the time of this announcement and the others will follow shortly. We are also working on updating our links to reflect the change.

As a result of the move our Telegram bridge bot is currently offline. Once things are settled on the new network we will connect the bridge to bring everything back together.

LiberaChat has some guides for using the network and getting your nick registered.

Thank you for your patience through this transition!


To follow-up on this original announcement, our bridges are now back up and bridging IRC to Telegram just like the old days. There is now Matrix bridging for so that should be possible too. I still need to update all the links to reflect the new network for Matrix. A big thanks go to @teward and the Ubuntu IRCC for all the help with the transition! Also, big thanks to for hosting our community.