Lubuntu Installation Wiped Out my Data

I just recently installed Lubuntu, and there are 4 options

As you can see above, there are only two, but mine had 4 options, I chose “Replace OS” which replaces the windows 11. I didn’t know it even wipes out all of the data, I thought it’ll only replace the OS itself. Why bother putting that option there if it’s the same as deleting the whole data? Now my files are gone! I even tried to recover it with 3 recovery softwares, nothing works. Is there any way for me to recover those files? I feel down for losing those important files.

The options offered vary on what is available on the box you install on. Erase disk is usually offered (ie. erase everything that’s there), as is Manual Partitioning as it’s the option for you to tell the installer what to do. Other options may appear or may not be present, depending on what you machine is capable of.

Windows uses a file-system that is native for Windows, but not POSIX compliant thus requires formatting for a GNU/Linux install like Lubuntu.

If you’re not sure, I always opt for Manual Partitioning as I can see the format option and feel it gives me more detail (as it won’t allow certain options where they make no sense, such as you’d see the format was required for a NTFS partition).

Backups should always be performed where OS installs are required as they involve risk. Restoring those backups is the usual recovery tool.

If you don’t have backups, some clues maybe found at


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