Lubuntu installation freezes

Hello, Im trying to install lubuntu 18.04 in my pc but the installation freezes in language selection and then after the time is exceeded the display freezes
What shoud i do to deal with it?

Whenever I get that distorted display its my graphic chip. Try with ‘nomodeset’ at the end of the linux line.

I’ll add the following as I believe it’s really useful (from experience)

I use zsync to download myself ( which validates the ISO for me, so I skip the first step.

The second step I always do, thinking of it as an insurance policy. It takes a very short time to do, being far quicker than scanning logs for squashfs errors or anything suitable to test the write to your install media.

It may not be your issue (ie. your image looks like graphics related) - but I’d still perform the “Check disc for defects” option mentioned in as my first step.

Note: because you’re using 18.04, the images will look different, and have different wording in parts when compared to the manual (where stable=19.10)

I cannot reach the lubuntu menu in order to select install lubuntu or check the disc because as shown above when I have to select the language the keyboard does not react.
My boot menu is this. I do not know a lot about the issue as it’s my first time I m doing something like that. Should I change something? Or what else should I do?

Can we have details about your machine. Lubuntu 18.04 LTS means the 2018-April release of Lubuntu, and it could be you’ve more modern hardware than the 2018 kernel knows how to deal with.

The other option already mentioned is you an corrupted ISO that was downloaded, or flawed install media (where errors like you have will occur if it’s corrupt; it should be treated as corrupted until verified as valid).

Given you cannot verify the media using that box, boot it and verify it using another box. If the thumb-drive passes as good on the other box, you can pretty safely assume it’s not your install media that is corrupted. If it fails, or does something strange on the second box - your media write failed & the thumb-drive or what’s on it is corrupted (ie. it could also be download failed & wasn’t checked).

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