Lubuntu Installation error - Nouveau 0000:01:00.0 : unknown chipset (197000a1)

I installed lubuntu for the first time. Unfortunately I’m unable to use it as a black screen appears with the following errors :

tpm tpm0 [Firmware Bug]
nouveau unknown chipset

I went into the boot menu and installed the os again by deleting the previous partitions , but unfortunately the error persists

Device :

HP Z2 G9 workstation
Nvidia Zotac RTX 4060
16 GB ram

From the error it gave and from searching on Google for a bit, it looks like the kernel included with whatever image you grabbed is not entirely compatible with your hardware as it may be “too new”. Of course, that may not be entirely accurate if the LIVE image is booting fine. Is that the case?

Can you share which Lubuntu version you downloaded?

If the installation fails completely, I’m not too sure what can be done at this point that would be considered supported.

On the other hand, if you wanted to try something, maybe trying one of the daily images found here would show something else:

In your case, you’d probably want the Lubuntu one…

If that installation for that works, then that could potentially pin the kernel as the problem.

Another potential solution that pops up on some older reports for the acpi error is updating the bios firmware for your device.

HP lists this:

Maybe worth a try…

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