Lubuntu focal ICONS pixelized

Whenever I roll over an icon is pixelizes. I found a similar problem when using Cinnamon, and they have boot to software-rendering. When I choose that, it did the same thing Lubuntu 20.04 does. Its like Lubuntu is in software-rendering somehow.

What do you mean by software-rendering? Can you provide a video showing the problem? What kind of hardware do you have? Have you looked at the logs?

In ubuntu-mate, they have a login called “software-rendering”. When I select that it reacts the same as the current lubuntu. My hardware is fine. ALL other distros including all ubuntu never have this issue. Only lubuntu.

Intel UHD Graphics 630

This problem started the last couple of months. The beginning of 20.04, it was fine.

Does running Compton help?

I haven’t tried. I’ll try it, but I installed SparkyLinux LXQT, without Compton, yet it doesn’t have pixelized icons at all.

I installed simple record screen. I see the pixelized icons, but the recorder doesn’t capture them.
I changed my monitor to lower setting. no change.

Sometimes its very slight, but the eye picks it up. Apparently simple screen is not fast enough to do so.

I think I’ve reached the end of my ability. I just won’t use Lubuntu. If it was on any other linux system, I might be inclined to think its my system. I have tried many systems, debian, arch, etc. And as I stated above none have this issue. What’ puzzling to me is no one else has this issue. Unless they are installing on a VM.

Intel graphics, I5 cpu, nvme ssd storage system.

Compton fixed the pixelized problem. Now though I have a different problem. Only happens online. Scrolling through a article it tears a little. All in all, Compton fixed my problem.
This distro is blazingly fast. Oddly enough, that might be part of the issue. No other distro responds this fast.

I can’t edit this as [SOLVED]

It usually fixes many minor video issues.

Please open up a separate issue, describing the specific browser you’re using and which sites. There may be some Compton tweaks that can fix this.

It is. I mean we don’t load Compton by default because we’re trying to keep the footprint low. Though for most every distribution (including distributions that use LXQt), compositing (that’s what Compton does) is a safe assumption, it isn’t by default for us. For many people, it’s just not necessary, or the minor problems it imposes by not using it pale in comparison to the low footprint. I’ve often struggled with the idea as to whether or not we want to enable it by default. I would certainly enable that over snapd (which is a necessary requirement of any Ubuntu flavor but we’re the only one that doesn’t load it by default).

That’s because it was in the development category. I moved it to support so you should be good to go.

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