Lubuntu Focal 20.04 Installation black screen (out of range) GF 550 GTX

Thanks for read my topic.
Trying to install Lubuntu in friend’s computer to him known better Linux.
The problem is when start installation the display is black screen message “out of range”. Unhappily the nouveau driver is trying to use an high resolution not supported.
LCD monitor is 1368X768 60 HZ and video card is GeForce GTX 550 Ti.
Using nomodeset “fix” the black screen and is possible install Lubuntu, but when restarting with the Lubuntu installed again the black screen.
Thus using nomodeset will “fix” the black screen, but will use 640X480 not being possible change the resolution and refresh rate and also I not has information if using nomodeset will have less video performance.

How and where to change the resolution and refresh rate ? Which files to configure ?
Searching in internet several sites only say to use nomodeset.

I will try install the metapackage driver and see if nvidia control panel is an better easy solution.
Thanks for reply.

I have no experience with your card sorry, but have you tried

  • ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

  • or the method described in the manual; ie. using the “Preferences → Additional Drivers” tab

or you’ve tried that, and want to purposely set the values manually (thus your very specific resolution/refresh question, and I’m way behind you?)

Thanks for your reply.

I has installed the binary driver because the machine not access internet and the problem was because Geforce GTX 550 TI not has direct VGA output and only has HDMI and DVI. Thus to use in LCD using VGA cable need an DVI to VGA adapter and works, but is the because not is possible use correct native resolution. Video driver not is having access about what are the maximum resolution.
Using nvidia settings was selected an resolution avoiding the black screen out range, but is below 1024X768.

Better use another monitor with that machine.

have an nice day.

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