Lubuntu Extended Security Maintenance (ESM)

Does “Extended Security Maintenance” exist, as it does for Ubuntu?
I’m programming with Lubuntu 18.04, so that my programs don’t only work with the latest versions of the Linux operating system.

Lubuntu 18.04 LTS is unsupported so why ask us?

Ubuntu does provide ESM support for a subset of the packages for releases, but which packages are included varies on release, and I’ve only seen a ‘number’ of packages teased that shows it’s only a portion of the repository, but no list of which packages will be included.

History maybe a good guide; eg. on 16.04 many packages that were included in deb format for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop, had support only offered when converted to snap packages, so don’t be surprised if some changes are required.

You’ll need to contact Canonical about ESM/UA/Pro support, as Lubuntu does not offer it.

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