Lubuntu Eoan final waiting 90 seconds during boot - bug fixed in released 19.10


Lubuntu Eoan dated Oct 6 was not affected by this bug. The current daily iso file (the ‘final’ candidate) boots very slowly (when cloned into a live drive). It is waiting for 1 min 30 seconds.

This bug affects also Xubuntu, but not standard Ubuntu desktop, which means that Lubuntu (and Xubuntu) live boot slower than the heavier standard Ubuntu. I hope we have time to fix this issue.

I have created this bug report, but I am not sure that I am blaming the correct culprit (program package).

I have also created this new thread about it at the Ubuntu Forums.

Please have a look at it (test that it affects you too, and try to find out where to start looking for a bug-fix.

Edit: Could this bug report about Kubuntu be related?

Edit 2: added this photo of the waiting screen (booted without ‘quiet splash’)

lubuntu-waiting-90s ![lubuntu-waiting-90s|690x404]

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Thanks, I saw the launchpad bug report (i mentioned it as possibly relating to a ubu-mate issue on #ubuntu-release hours ago; @wxl likewise had the same thought & commented there too; the second lp bug report I see referenced too later).

I ran a couple of tests looking at it (on what is now yesterday’s daily;, but as I don’t stop-watch time boots, I doubted I’d notice 90 seconds extra with any sense of accuracy (I usually watch first boot on a desktop [no wifi]; subsequent boots I ignore & instead start recording details at I didn’t write comment on your bug report (maybe I should have; sorry)

Any bug that doesn’t seem sets-computer-on-fire levels of important is definitely not RC at this point

I doubt it’ll get fixed (on 19.10 ISO) … but I’ll take direction from others with opinions (should I go looking for my stop-watch for example). Thank you again for testing, and letting us know of the issue (also the pictures; plymouth would have hidden those messages for me, and I didn’t think to stop them!)

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This bug is squashed in the current final iso file. It was another manifestation of the ‘Kubuntu bug’ first believed to be in ubiquity, then found to be in casper.