Lubuntu doesn't 'see" my Brother printer

I am new to the forum and wasn’t sure if this is the place to ask for help with a wireless printer.
My system consists of a home built machine running Mint 18.3, the gateway is a new Comcast high speed X-fi one and the other machine is an old Dell that has Lubuntu14.04.6 LTS on it.

When Comcast upped their speed I was given the new gateway. Since then I cannot get the Dell machine to see that the printer is connected. I’m not sure what to do at this point, the printer is connected to the router wirelessly via WiFi. The Dell machine has a D-link wireless NIC card for it’s connection to the printer.

Yet when I try and create a test page the Dell machine says " Cannot find printer" OR " Printer is not responding.

If I look in the gateway settings it does show the Dell machine BUT it doesn’t say what the IP or URI of the Dell is.Nor does it show the printer at all!

I should say that the printer did work before the change to the newer gateway. Since there is limited support from Comcast I cannot ask them how to find the IP’s in use in the new device.
I’ve spent many hours trying to get this thing sorted and have had no success.

FIW the printer is an all in one Brother MFC-J450 DW. It is also impossible to get Brother on the phone thanks to the virus, Over 3 days tryig I had 6 hours on hold to reach them.

Thank you all very much for any help.



The previous gateway had dual bands? (2.4 and 5) sometimes devices are compatible with only one channel (for example 2.4), also, the Lubuntu version you have is a little old, I have one machine running 18.04 another 19.10 and another running 20.04 and all are able to see my Brother MFC-J460 DW as well as my Samsung M283x (both WiFi printers)

Hi ErikTheRed,

Yes the other gateway had 2 bands like this one. However I disabled the 5Ghz on on that unit. I’d do that on this one as well but I can’t find where the darned connections are listed in the gateway. Sure they are there somewhere but where? Plus the gateway has NO name on it other than S/N and P/N so you can’t search and find out where things are.

I know the version of Lubuntu is old but aside from this printer nonsense it works fine for my wife, who only sends an occasional email or uses Google.

When using one or both of your versions what do you do to ask to see the connections? I have brought up PRINTER PROPERTIES and used that to try and print a test page but as I say it fails.
At one point I even deleted the printer ( an old Windows trick) and tried to get it recognized to no avail, in fact it came up with 2 other versions of the MFC-J450DW, in addition to the one I was using as default. That is the one that has the green checkmark on the icon.

In my notes about the old Dell I wrote " Printer must be paired with the gateway
before the Dell can locate it." Sounds like it would helpful doesn’t it? Heck it may be true, but I can see the network name on the LCD panel on the printer and a long IP number. Seems to me a screenshot of Lubuntu on the Dell showed a URI of something like

Does seeing that help you see what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the speedy reply, most appreciated compared to other forums I have been in.


Lubuntu 14.04 LTS from 2014-April had 3 years of supported life, which ended 2017-April (

My suggestion would be move to a supported release of Lubuntu, as I doubt you’ll get much support for an unsupported release of Lubuntu.

Yes we welcome (& may smile at) our software being used beyond it’s intended life, however we don’t want to be seen as encouraging it, and thus supporting it (inc. back-porting security patches to it). Our recommendation is just to use a supported release.


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