Lubuntu Discourse Website Log In

Greetings to all. I’ve had a hard logging in to Lubuntu Discourse from the very beginning. I was not able to create an account with a “Hotmail” e-mail address which is the same as “Outlook”. Microsoft bought out Hotmail and changed the name to Outlook but all the old Hotmail addresses stayed the same. I wasn’t even able to start an account with my Gmail account for some reason.

My point is this. The only way I could even start an account with Lubuntu Discourse was with a GitHub account. You actually have to log in to your GitHub account and then you are re-directed to Lubuntu Discourse. I don’t like using other accounts for other websites.

Is there anyway that I can change this? I don’t want to change something and then be locked out of my account forever.

Please help me with this issue if you can. Thanks in advance, JeffRedd

I’m definitely not the person to be answering this, but can you change your email under your account’s preferences? It looks like I can.

Additionally, my account uses an email address. I had no issues signing up at the time.

I’m not in control of any of the administrative stuff and am largely just a regular user that’s not familiar with this specific forum software. (I’m old and an SMF fan.) But, that’s my question/suggestion - and my experience. I do have an old address and I suppose I could try signing up for another account if need be.

KGIII, thanks for the response. I think I maybe be able to change my
e-mail address but I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t change the way I have to log-in to my GitHub account and then get redirected here.

I just looked at my account summary and I have Gmail as my primary e-mail account and Hotmail as my secondary e-mail account.

I just noticed that under my email address listings it says “Associated Accounts” and has GitHub listed and it shows a trash can next to it for removing but if I do that I’m afraid I won’t be able to log back in.

That is my worry and I don’t like logging in to one account to get to a second account that has nothing to with the first account.

Appreciate your suggestions. I hope to get a response from the administrators so they can tell me what to do to rectify this situation. I’ve heard it from others that they had problems starting their accounts also. Cheers!

See the globally pinned post about Microsoft and free mail providers. It explains the current situation regarding Microsoft email stuff used for account logins/creations here and why its not working proper at the moment.