Lubuntu Council Elections 2024

On behalf of the Lubuntu Council, I am pleased to announce our 2024 election cycle.

What is the Lubuntu Council?

The Lubuntu Council is the governing board for Lubuntu. Defined by our constitution, the Lubuntu Council reports directly to the Ubuntu Community Council, and is given the following responsibilities:

  • Mediate disputes within the community (as defined above) that cannot be resolved by themselves, or cannot be resolved peacefully.
  • Appoint team members to positions temporarily if a position being held becomes vacant, and until a new leader can be chosen.
  • Delegate administration of community groups to individuals which report directly to the Council. These delegated administrators should be the clear leaders of these groups already, to keep the spirit of democratic meritocracy.
  • Grant Lubuntu Membership to individuals within the Lubuntu project who have made significant and sustained contributions.

How do I apply?

You must be an official member of the Lubuntu project. Please either reply to this Discourse thread with your platform, or email


2024-04-01 (time of posting) to 2024-04-08 (00:00 UTC): Nomination period
2024-04-08 (00:00 UTC) to 2024-04-09 (00:00 UTC): The Lubuntu Council will compile the nominations into a CIVS poll and make it available to Lubuntu Members.
2024-04-09 (00:00 UTC) to 2024-04-16 (00:00 UTC): Voting period
2024-04-19: Expiration date for current members, new members will expire on 2025-04-19


Please contact the Lubuntu Council directly.


I’d like to nominate myself.

I’m an incumbent Lubuntu Council member and have pretty much been on the Council for the entirety of its existence. I’ve been using Lubuntu since at least 2011, have been an Ubuntu member since 2014, mostly contributing to Lubuntu. I was instrumental in the LXDE → LXQt transition. In my time, I’ve served on countless other councils, most notably the larger Ubuntu Council.

I don’t have grandiose visions for my platform, but I do wish to keep Lubuntu and its community running smoothly. I’d like to further our relationships with other flavors and the Ubuntu community in general. Especially as the Calamares installer becomes adopted by more flavors, this will be important. Finally, I’d like to help with another big transition, the one to Wayland.


Hi, I’d like to nominate myself for another term.

I would like to continue to see Lubuntu move full-steam ahead, working through some of the following objectives:

  • Polish Noble and get it out the door.
  • Collaboration between Fedora, Debian, KDE, LXQt, and ourselves to make the best Qt 6 + Wayland product we can.
  • Grow the community, add some new Lubuntu Members before the 2024-2025 term is over.

Greetings! I would like to nominate myself for another term as well.

I continue to strive to keep Lubuntu’s executive functions operational, and maintain the Infrastructure that powers much of the community and Lubuntu-specific tooling for our site. I additionally maintain the financial side of things for donations to the Lubuntu Association and also coordinate with the Ubuntu Community Council and Canonical on ongoing Lubuntu issues and things that need attention as well.

I also am here to do my best to appease the users with an even hand when needed. Additionally, as the one running Lubuntu’s infrastructure for several years now, I’d like to continue to operate the infrastructure and help drive the team.


:wave: I’d like to nominate myself for a seat on the Lubuntu Council.

I’m one of the newer devs in the Lubuntu world. I came in at the beginning of the Kinetic cycle and got to contribute extensively to Kinetic, Lunar, and now Noble (I had to take a six-month hiatus during the Mantic cycle). I’ve helped develop applications, package software, fix bugs, and provide technical support during my time here.

My main vision for Lubuntu is for it to remain a popular Linux distribution, lightweight enough to provide a well-functioning workspace on older and slower hardware. As Windows 10 nears its EOL, I hope that Lubuntu will provide a good way to continue using hardware that would otherwise become insecure or e-waste.

Near-term, I intend on testing Lubuntu thoroughly on multiple hardware platforms to ensure that the release of Lubuntu Noble is ready for general use. Next cycle, I’d like to develop some automation tooling to make importing new LXQt releases easy, allowing our team to focus more on innovative development and less on the time-consuming work of staying up-to-date. I’m also excited to help with our Wayland adoption process and would like to help with prototyping our Wayland session.


I’d like to nominate myself.

I have been providing support in the Spanish language since version 18.10, then through the Globalization group, I have done it in other languages, thus being able to provide support to people who may not have access to it.

My desire is to bring Lubuntu everywhere and to everyone, without language being a barrier.


P.S. ballots have been sent out. If you haven’t got one and have checked your spam folder, please let us know!

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I find only elections dated year 2022 via that mail. When will the current election be opened?

It’s already opened. You should have a ballot in your inbox (technically it was sent to your address so if those don’t deliver successfully, that is indeed the problem).

I don’t use any address. I use a gmail address and that’s where i received an email with information about the election. Never mind, I need not vote this time. Maybe next time I will have a working email account at

Simon tells me he sent you a new ballot to the other address.

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Thanks, It works :slight_smile:

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