Lubuntu beginners book?

Is there a good book for Lubuntu beginners?
Preferably on version 20, but any recent version.

Lubuntu is similar to Ubuntu but it IS DIFFERENT

I am a retired DOS/Windows guy. Linux is just hard at first. I remember when DOS 2.1 came out that it took awhile to adjust too. That was simple compared to all the Windows changes…

For the Lubuntu desktop (20.04), of course our manual

If you’re like me and like books, sorry things change too frequently for printed copies to make much sense.

The base of Lubuntu is identical to Ubuntu itself, so for non-desktop related tasks I’d just read whatever sources match your needs (command line/bash is identical, as are languages etc except for parts if related to GUI/desktop) or (a bit old now, as it’s 16.04, but as it’s free I’ve included)

I remember DOS 2.1 too (tech.manuals still in a corner of one of my bookcases), alas the cd, mkdir commands were just a tiny subset of what unix boxes already had, so I just think of GNU/Linux as unix of old (before universities got PC clones)

The best resources though will depend on what you want to learn about, so if you provide more maybe more useful suggestions can be offered, but for GUI/desktop features look at the manual first up.

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