Lubuntu : a solution for poor children in France during the covid

Hi guys,

I would like to give a special feedback to the Lubuntu team. At the beginning of the COVID confinement in France (we are based close from Paris) we realized that a lot of children does not have a computer while the schools were closed.

With some volunteers we started to collect outdated computers from people living in my city and from companies around. We get a lot of of old desktop and laptop (64 bits and sometimes 32 bits). We tried different distributions and we realized quickly that Lubuntu was the best solution for our purpose. I get a big slap in my face when i saw that old computers that were dying with windows inside came back to life with Lubuntu and were working perfectly.

From the beginning of the COVID we deliver for free more than 400 computers installed with Lubuntu and all the open source softwares than can be useful for children (libre office, etc…). And we decided to go on giving computers to poor children ! See our website :

Many thanks to all the the Lubuntu team and many thanks to you for the all the french childrens that can have now a computer !


Your message warms my heart :heart:, I appreciate that you shared with us. I can’t speak for everyone on the Lubuntu :lenny: team but this is the reason I contribute to this project. Reading messages like this remind me of what the work is for. I am gratified that you built on what we provided and were able to take it further for such a worthwhile cause. Thank you for your efforts!

Take care and stay safe.


I too thank you @r3dge. I like your cause and use of Lubuntu. It’s always appreciated when end-users express thanks, and more so when we realize we’re a tiny part in something that is being used to help kids :heart_eyes:


Thanks ! Lubuntu and its team are awesome !


Today was the best news to read :slight_smile:


This is the best reason to contribute to lubuntu.

We have a support channel in French, for any questions contact us at

We will be willing to help with all your questions. Thanks!!


A great initiative from you!

In Germany, there is the Computertruhe e.V. association.

It is present in 7 cities and on Twitter and Mastodon.
They handle it like you do.
They also mostly use Lubuntu.